Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NHL Picks - 10-30-07

Record last night: 1-1
Record this month: 13-9
Record this season: 13-9
P/L Yesterday: (2.05)

Last night the Rangers lost some teeth (poor Jagr), but found some goals. The Leafs were cow-kicked and the Sharks won in Dallas, which is no easy trick.

I'm tempted to pick Detroit, because they're on a roll. I'm also tempted to pick St Louis, but Phoenix is 2-1 on the road and I'm not sold on the Blues just yet. Here's who I am willing to pick:

Predators at Flames - $6.35 - Calgary is a tough place to play, and the Preds haven't won away from home yet this season. I don't think they'll start tonight.

Thrashers at Canadiens - $6.35 - The Moose is loose for Atlanta, but it won't matter. The Thrashers have won two of their last three games in this long road trip, but the competition just got harder than the Hawks and Leafs. Habs win.

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