Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NHL Picks - 10-3-07

In an attempt to prove that I know absolutely nothing, I'm going to try picking one or two games per night this season. If there aren't any games I like, I won't pick any.

Opening night (not counting those games in the UK) has several intriguing match ups. My picks are in bold.

Anaheim at Detroit - I'm taking Detroit to win at home against the travel-weary Ducks. Anaheim is without Giguere (though they do have Bryzgalov). Detroit has a guy that is 45 years old (Chelios) and a goaltender that might see more shots by going drinking with a priest.

Montreal at Carolina - Montreal stumbled their way out of a playoff spot last year, and even though they dumped Souray (yay), I still don't like them. I think Carolina is due for a return to the playoffs this year. I'm hoping Montreal isn't.


Teej said...

Did you catch any of the Dallas/Colorado game? That Paul Stastny is a hell of a player... hat trick last night - I will not be surprised if he cracks 100 points. Lots of talent there.

Dallas is going to have a tough time this year. If they can't score, they can't make the playoffs, even if Turco gets 20 shutouts, since they'd likely be 1-0 scores.

Pat said...

I stopped watching after the Ducks / Red Wings. That was a great game - Detroit beat on Anaheim every way possible but the scoreboard. Glad to see they pulled it out in the SO