Monday, October 29, 2007

Hockey Cards - 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory Review

2007-08 Upper Deck Victory

200 Base Cards
45 Rookies (inserted 1:2)
50 Stars on Ice (inserted 1:4)
50 Game Breakers (inserted 1:4)

Gold Base Parallel (inserted 1:36)
Gold Rookie (inserted 1:240)
Black Base Parallel (inserted 1:720)
Black Rookie Parallel (inserted 1:2880)

Victory is the cheap, entry level line of Upper Deck hockey cards. They can be had just about anywhere, for a buck per pack. Boxes at Target with 11 packs can be had for $10.

Victory features action shots on the card front, mostly standard poses. The forwards and defense are shown mostly skating without the puck, mostly upright. The goalies are also similar, standing with their pads facing the camera. Occasionally you'll see someone with the puck or after a shot. It is a big step from last year, when they took away the background, so all you saw was the player with a bland background that had the word "Victory".

The card backs are pretty standard. I like that they show power play goals. I also like the player pronunciations. I don't like that they only show the previous 5 seasons.

Dude, where are my seasons?

The inserts are pretty sad. There's nothing really special about the cards, other than the foil lettering that says either "Game Breakers" or "Stars on Ice". I've included an example of the Game Breakers. See the black fading in from the top? That's how Bergeron felt after the hit he took the other night.

I'll leave you with the Crosby base card, both front and back. His pronunciation looks pretty funny.

Ratings (out of 5):
Fronts: 3
Backs: 3
Inserts: 2
Overall: 3

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