Sunday, October 07, 2007

Penguins 5, Ducks 4

Above - the Ducks surrender.

Missed this one - only saw the last two minutes. Great win for the Pens. Make sure to check out the video highlights on the Pen's website.

Malone ripped a nasty shot for his first goal of the season.

Army had a Crosby-like move for his first goal. Remember last year when he didn't score until game #23? Wouldn't it be nice to see him chip in with 20-25 goals? Heck, same for Malone...

Sykora had a big night, cleaning up the garbage twice and setting up Malkin on the doorstep.

The Pens looked like they were going to have some trouble holding on, but managed to cling to victory.

Next up: at home on Wednesday versus the Canadiens.

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Will said...

Just watched last nights game on Tivo... good win. I got a little worried when they went down in the 1st but they fought back and pulled out a close one. I thought Crosby broke his foot when he took that shot. Good to hear the x-rays were (-). I don't know if the Pens out hit the Ducks on paper but it sure seemed like they took the body a lot in the game. I think Ruutu might have a hard time getting his spot back. I thought Hall played really well.