Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Box Report - 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory

I bought two boxes of UD Victory at Target. Each box had 11 packs (66 cards) and cost $9.99. See my review of the cards here.

The really interesting thing is that when combining the two boxes, there wasn't a single duplicate, except for the Draper Faceoff advertisement insert.

Here's what was in those boxes:

Box 1
53 Base Cards (no duplicates)
6 Rookies (1:2)
3 Game Breakers (1:4) - Bergeron, St. Louis, Hemsky
2 Stars on Ice (1:4) - Jagr, Brodeur
1 Gold Base Parallel (1:36) - Kariya
1 Face Off NHL 08 Ad (?:?) - Draper
1 Jumbo card (1 per box) - Raycroft

Box 2
54 Base Cards (2 doubles)
4 Rookies (1:2)
5 Game Breakers (1:4) - Selanne, Lundqvist, Brodeur, Fleury, Elias
2 Stars on Ice (1:2) - Havlat, Sundin
1 Face Off NHL 08 Ad (?:?) - Draper
1 Jumbo card (1 per box) - Saku Koivu

  • The rookies I got weren't very good. The only one I even recognized was Halak, the goalie in the Canadiens system who is now stuck behind Carey Price.
  • I did get Crosby, Staal and Malkin between the two boxes. That's a score (this is a Penguins blog, in case you're not aware).
  • The jumbo cards are useless if they're just blown-up versions of the smaller ones. Make them special! It didn't help that I only got Raycroft and Koivu... Maybe if it was Crosby and Malkin I'd like them more.

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Will said...

You're right about that 1st period, it was brutal. I did not think either team played that good. Nice to see the Pens still get the win. I think Kennedy is played well. He seems to fit well with Hall.