Monday, October 29, 2007

NHL Picks - 10-29-07

After a brief hiatus, NHL Picks is returning as a regular feature of this blog.

To recap the general idea, I'll pick as many games as I like (usually none, one or two) on a given night. I'll almost never pick the Pens game, because I'm totally biased when it comes to the Pens. I'll also encourage you to treat these for what they are - dumb guesses made for fun. Having said that, I'll also post (time and availability permitting) the Tradesports profit (or loss) for each game I pick, just for fun, to see just how fast you could lose your money.

Record this month: 12-8
Record this season: 12-8

Since this is the first post in Picks in a week, I'm going out on a limb today.

Lightning at Rangers - $5.95 - The Rangers can't score. Really, really, really can't score. They have 11 goals in 9 games since their opener. The Lightning have given up 5 goals per game in three road games. Irresistible force meets immovable object? Maybe not quite that dramatic, but the Rangers finally get a few goals and win.

Capitals at Maple Leafs - $6.10 - The Caps can't score either. The Leafs certainly can, and their defense and goaltending are finally coming around a bit, thanks largely to Toskala. The Leafs have won two straight, while the Caps have dropped 6 of their last 7 after starting out 3-0. Go Leafs.

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