Saturday, October 13, 2007

NHL Picks - 10-13-07

Record this month: 9-5
Record this season: 9-5

Stupid Blackhawks just had to go and pull off a stunner in Detroit last night, didn't they? That's going to happen sometimes. The Blackhawks are a good young team.

Also last night:
  • The Caps took their first loss of the year in the Garden against the Rangers.
  • The Kings really suck so far - Boston beat them in LA, 8-6.
  • Calgary won their first game, and it was on the road in Dallas, where it's usually tough to play.
Tonight there are 13 lucky games in the NHL. I like three of them:

Washington at Buffalo - The Sabres got things straightened out the other day against the Isles. The Caps just lost last night in MSG. Look for the losing to continue for the Caps.

Islanders at Philadelphia - This one is a bit iffy for me, but it is Philly's hope opener, and I don't think the Isles are very good.

Boston at San Jose - Home opener for the Sharks, end of a long road trip for the Bruins. Go Sharks.

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