Thursday, October 06, 2005

Devils 5, Penguins 1

Well that didn't go so well. You could see it coming when the Pens had about 10 minutes straight of power plays, including two 5 on 3 situations, in the first period, and failed to score. Crosby did get his first point, and overall, I'd say the offense looked pretty good. Kind of funny to say that when you're below 10% efficiency on the power play, but Brodeur really stood on his head in the first period. Several Penguins were left shaking their heads given the quality of their scoring attempt.

On our end, Thibault didn't play badly. He did seem to flop around much more than Brodeur, and a few of the goals the Devils scored were garbage goals (there was one good shot of Lemieux shaking his head after Gionta scored).

Anyway, maybe this will inspire the Pens. If the refs keep calling the penalties consistently this year, the Pens will get more than their share of goals. They have too much firepower to be held in check very long.

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