Thursday, October 20, 2005

King of the World...

Did you notice who was at the top of the NHL scoring leaderboard? Here's a hint, he used to play for us...

Jaromir Jagr.

Playing for the Rangers.

Who are in first place.

Can it get any worse?

Okay - maybe it can - Forsberg and Gagne are tied for second for Philly.

I'm going to stop now.


Trent said...

I called the resurgence of Jagr and the Rangers in preseason. We all know how Jagr can carry a team of middling talent. Give him some space, some ice time and the puck and he'll do wonders.

Living in nyc, at least i can root for a local team.

But when it comes down to it, it's Pens all the way. First win on its way tonight! [please]

(btw, your blog is the best i've seen for the Pens. Keep up the writing.)

Pat said...

I'd probably hate living in NYC, because I've always disliked the Rangers. I think I might be able to root for the Islanders, espcially since they have the lord of darkness playing for them (SATAN).

Thanks for the encouragment about the blog. I enjoy writing it so far, and having people talk about it only helps :)