Friday, October 28, 2005

Finally a win!

So, to follow up on the thoughts from last night...

I thought Caron played really well in the second and third. Heck, he played well for the majority of the game. There wasn't much he could have done on some of those PP goals they allowed.

It was really good to see some of the Pens be able to sharp-shoot a bit. They got some shots up over Shields, and Leclair's chip goal was really pretty.

Hopefully this will get some of the big guns going. Putting Lemieux and Crosby on the same line worked magic, especially on the power play. I'd love to see this be a long term thing - that way the opposition can't really have a shutdown type of player guarding both of them as easily. Last night, Holik had to pick either Lemieux or Crosby to guard.

One more home game tomorrow night and then back on the road for FIVE straight, playing the Devils, Islanders, Bruins, Rangers and Thrashers. I'll be glad when we get to play some Western Conference teams - but we don't get to do that until early December.

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ninelives said...

I have to second your thoughts that Lemieux and Crosby on the same line seemed to really pay off. We will see what happens with the Hurricane's.