Thursday, October 20, 2005

Game Night - Game #7

New Jersey Devils at Pittsburgh Penguins

New Jersey - 3-3-0 - 6 pts - 2nd place (tied) in the Atlantic
Pittsburgh - 0-2-4 - 4 pts - last palce in the Atlantic

When the Pens played last, they were two points out of first. Now, they're 7 points out of first. They're also tied for last in the conference with Atlanta. Not good.

New Jersey hasn't exactly been lighting it up since opening night. In fact, if you take away their 5-1 win on opening night, they've score just 11 goals in 5 games, while allowing 20. They also have lost both of their games on the road.

The Pens... well there really isn't much to say at this point. They need to go out and get their first win. They need consistent effort and consistent play in their own end. They also need to quit taking penalties. Their penalty killing is in the middle of the pack, but it's also eating into the time the top players can be on the ice in an offensive situation.

Last time I'm saying this... but here's hoping for #1

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Trent said...

Goat of the team: Orpik.

Sorry, but every game he has made a glaring mistake that has ended up in our net. Talk about Gonchar all you want, but Orpik has been appalling. Easily the worst return to form on the team.

Maybe Edzo was right when he criticized him for choosing school over hockey during the lockout.

If it were my choice, i would have sent him down to WB, assuming he didn't have to go through waivers. Otherwise, i'd scratch him for a solid week.

He's a great D-man, but he's playing like shit right now.