Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lightning 3, Pens 1

This time they lost the standard way - in regulation. They played lights out hockey in the first and third periods, and wound up tied 1-1 from those two periods. They were out-shot 18-3 in the second period and seemed to have a complete mental breakdown, and that's when the Lightning got their two other goals that made the difference in the game.

The Pens continue their early season habit of making somewhat marginal goaltenders look like Patrick Roy. Last night was no exception, when we faced Tampa Bay's backup Sean Burke. Evidentally Sean wanted to prove that we should have gone with him in the offseason instead of Thibault, because he only allowed one goal.

Crosby continued his point streak with an assist on the lone goal. He's at six games with the streak. I believe the record is 7, by Alexander Daigle (did I spell that right?), if I'm remembering the graphic shown on the broadcast the other night. Crosby did show some signs of frustration last night, getting hit with a slashing penalty and then talking enough to the ref to get an unsportsmanlike conduct tacked on top.

How different would things be this season if we had Fleury starting with Burke backing him up? What if they had used the money spent on Thibault to go after another top level defensemen (since that seems to be their biggest need)? I think it's probably still too early to be asking those questions. They've only played six games. We can only continue to hope they get their stuff together.

No game until Thursday. I know last week at this time, I said I'd do a few other articles, and then life got in the way. With any luck, I'll get a few in during this week...

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