Friday, October 21, 2005

Devils 6, Penguins 3

Familiar story... Pens down early. They came back quickly in the second period, but then the penalty bug got them again.

Gionta is proving that he is to the Pens what Morozov was to the Devils. Gionta has 5 goals on the season, and 4 of them have come against the Pens.

Thibault gave up 6 goals in about two and a half periods. He was yanked for Caron, who didn't give up a goal, making some nice saves (though by that point, the Devils had put the clamps down and were preserving the lead).

The Pens got killed again by inconsistent play and bad penalties. They threatened in the beginning of the third, but once they didn't score on their PP and the Devils scored shortly after it was over, you knew things were pretty much done.

Not sure what else can really be said at this point. They need a win badly. Their next game is at Boston before getting an actual three game homestand next week.


Trent said...

Talk about a completely demoralizing experience. To think that i switched cable carriers to get NHL Center Ice. That i rushed home and planned the night to watch the Pens finally put things together and begin their successful bid to make the playoffs. To go from that to thinking that it's going to be a third repeat of a wasted season in a bid to get the highly touted number one pick. (Kessel.)

The team lacks any energy. They had periods during the game where they just coasted, like they couldn't be bothered to break a sweat. There were pucks lying in the corner that they just looked at while a Devil swooped in from center ice to scoop it up.

2 points notwithstanding, Mario looks human. He looks old and slow and tentative. He had two or three breaks and he fumbled the puck without any outside help. I'm waiting for his Brett Hull moment.

Crosby is trying to be too clever. It's like he looks for the pass that has to go through the legs of four opponents for it to be worth it.

Orpik made another inexcusable, dumbass move in the first period. Later, he let Gionta walk right to the net to score. How the hell does he not know his assignment in a penalty kill. It's like he was watching for a defenseman to pinch in. wtf???

Gonchar is making me long for Slegr's return.

How does Koltsov, supposed fastest man in the league, do so little in this run-and-gun setting, other than tackle Mogilny behind the net.

Dreadful! I was hopeful last night, not i'm just fed up. I've been the most loyal fan through the past few seasons, watching probably 75% of them, 18 game losing streak and all. But at least they had an excuse then: They had no talent.

Why, when the loss was a given, did Edzo only give Mario and Sid a few scant shifts to see what would happen?

Why do they have 7 defenseman but no 2nd line centerman?

How do you go through 7 losses and not have one fight?

Where's the spirit? Where's the dignity? Where's the anger?

Pat said...

I agree - they seem to have no spirit or anger. The closest they came to a fight was Roy trying to goad Brashear into a fight against the Flyers, and Donald would have nothing of it. I liked what Errey said in the broadcast - Roy should go after Forsberg (after he ran over Fleury) and see how Brashear reacts. They're going to have to start playing ugly, get back to basics and see where they go, IMHO.