Saturday, October 08, 2005

Game Night - Game #3

Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins

Boston - 0-2-0, 0 pts, last place in Northeast Division
Pittsburgh - 0-1-1, 1 pt, 4th place in Atlantic Division

Boston has gotten off to a poor start, scoring only two goals in two games. They, like the Pens, showed signs of coming out of it last night against the Sabres, with 15 shots in the 3rd period. Raycroft played last night, so I'm not sure if he'll go tonight, or if it'll be their backup, a guy named Toivonen. He was their first round pick in 2002, and is quite young (21).

The Bruins are lead by Thornton and Leetch. Glen Murray is also highly capable of lighting the lamp. The Bruins are also rife with former Penguins. These include players like McEachern, Slegr, Moran and the aforementioned Murray.

The Bruins also have a HUGE defensmen named Hal Gill. He's 6'7", and will look even bigger on skates. It's always fun to watch the jolly green giant type of players (remeber McKenna and Hatcher?) There are a few of these guys around the league. I'll have to try to remember to point them out when we play against them. Heck, Lemieux is pretty big himself - 6'4".

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