Monday, August 14, 2006

Quick Malkin update + Anson Carter?

According to Stan Savran (a local sportstalk personality), Evgeni Malkin is safe in Toronto with his agent, Pat Brisson. Of course, there is no confirmation of this yet. Fox Sports Pittsburgh just reported on their evening newscast that Malkin "is rumored to be in Toronto". Where there's smoke...

Also, according to the NHL Insider on TSN, the Penguins are possibly in the running for Anson Carter, if they have room in the budget. Carter is looking for approximately $5 million over two years.


will said...

I don't think we have a real shot at Carter but I would love to see him on the Pens this year. Add Malkin to that and I think we might finish just out of the basement this season ;)

Drew said...

i believe the penguins will come around 9th - 12th
i wish the leafs had a future like the pens