Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Murky Mess of Malkin

Thanks to Will for pointing out the Trib article from this morning. He's right - it has a nice timeline. I think the important points are:
  • His current agents (Brisson and Barry) have confirmed that he did sign a new deal with Metallurg for one year, but that they did not broker the deal.
  • He "wants to play in the NHL" in words, but clearly his actions speak otherwise. I will say that the article seems to hint that he's staying there this year due to other interests he still holds in Magnitogorsk.
I'm thinking that the chances are bleak that we'll see him in Pittsburgh this year, but you never know. Will having the possibility dangling there keep Shero from going after a more established player, in case Malkin would show up? I'd think not, but who knows what is really happening at this point...


ees said...

I for one think Malkin is not making himself look to good. I understand he is in a weird position. He has obligations with his Russian team. But he has them with the Pen's, too. I think it's about time he lives up to his obligations with the Pens.

will said...

I agree ees. I think this whole thing just makes Malking look kind of bad but I'm hoping that when it's all said and done his events over the last 3 weeks will make more sense. Maybe he could not say something, or he had to say something a certian way, or whatever. I for one, think that Malkin will be here this season. I think the risk of the NHL holding the Russians out of the World Championship, which they can without an agreement signed, will be enough leverage to get him here. It may not be pretty, but I think he'll be centering that second line come October... at least I really hope so :)

will said...

So now he is not coming over?


At this point I just hope there's an actually announcment by the Pens, good or bad, because either way it would just be nice to know.