Monday, August 07, 2006

Evgeni Malkin to stay in Russia

According to this Reuters article (via ESPN), Evgeni Malkin will remain in Russia for one more season. He did void his contract with Metallurg, and according to the article, signed an entry level contract with the Penguins. However, he signed a new one year deal with Metallurg, which will make him a free agent in the late spring of 2007.

The details are still sketchy. I'm sure more will come to light about this once the story has been more defined.

This is highly disappointing for the team this season, but this could give one more chance to some of the younger players like an Eric Christensen. I could also see Ray Shero going out and signing a decent second line forward.


Pronovost said...

Definitely disappointing and I can't imagine what's happening behind the scenes with this kid.

I figure if the Pens are still in Pittsburgh a year from now, the wait will have been worth it. If they're gone, it really won't matter that Malkin didn't play for the home team in 06-07.

Will said...

This whole thing is just out of control. There are different reports coming out of everywhere. The latest is that the reports are not 100% accurate and that Malkin still wants to play for the Pens this year, that came from his "new" agent.

I don't know what to think...

will said...

Here's another story about this drama. There is a good time-line on the side of the page.