Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Malkin Watch... Day ?

Not much new - just articles collecting some quotes, and some new madness from Velichkin (he's so entertaining).

Here's the Trib article, by Karen Price.

Here's the Post-Gazette article, by Chuck Finder.

Let's lead off with some more quotes from the aforementioned Velichkin:
"How am I supposed to look for him? What, am I supposed to ask Interpol to look for him? Is it not clear that Evgeni left for America at the invitation of the people overseas? The Americans' arrogance is beyond any bounds. This is the theft of the century. They don't care that Malkin is Russia's national treasure.

"We must sue not only Pittsburgh but the entire National Hockey League and its whole arrogance. The NHL must receive a total condemnation from the entire sporting world. Let's get back to the question of the compensation. ... Money is not most important for us. The most important [aspect] for us is to get a precedent and win the case."

I'm going to miss that guy when this whole mess is settled. He's a special kind of crazy.

Not much in the way of other news, though here are a few notes:
  • Malkin is safe, in an undisclosed location. Presumably, he's waiting out the two weeks that are required by Russian law.
  • His new contract with Metallurg was signed at 3:00 AM. That led Sergei Gonchar to say "The player has reasons to do what he did." It's becoming clear that there certainly was some type of coercion applied to get him to sign the deal.
  • And, of course, for Metallurg, this isn't about the money. Right.

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