Thursday, August 17, 2006

First official comment from the Pens on Malkin

Ray Shero released a statement today about Evgeni Malkin. I've linked to it, but I'll also just post it here because it's really short:
“We have been informed by Evgeni Malkin’s agents that Evgeni is now in the United States. At the appropriate time, we look forward to sitting down with Evgeni and his representatives to discuss what can be a very bright future with the Pittsburgh Penguins.”
In typical Penguins fashion, it's really short and to the point. It is good to see that they're willing to officially comment now that Evgeni is in the States.


Will said...

Well it's nice to hear something from the Pens on Malkin, but can't say I blame them for kepping quite until now. I think this was a big hurdle to climb but now that he's in the US it only increases the chance he'll be on ice opening night... anyone else get all excited thinking about him, Crosby, Gonchar, and whoever else on teh PP late in a game trying to score... I can't wait for Oct 5th.

PS - I like the new site.

Pronovost said...

I would take it a step further and suggest that his presence in the U.S. solidifies his debut on opening night. Getting here was the hard part. The rest is detail, and the Russian club has little or no leverage. They knew it all along and that's undoubtedly why they muscled Malkin into signing the one-year contract.

Pat said...

I'm with both of you! He'll be on the ice and I'm jacked to see it.