Thursday, August 10, 2006

Post-Gazette gets it's act together... sort of

So the Post-Gazette has three seperate hockey articles today. That's like a landslide. There's the one about the TV schedule, the one about Gary Bettman visiting Pittsburgh in the next month to view the proposed new areana location, and the national "notebook" which notes that the Penguins have signed Connor James.

Of course, being the Post-Gazette (especially lately), things are never quite as good as you might think:
  • The TV schedule article, written by Smizik, makes a point of saying that it's the first time that exhibition games have been televised, but then gets the date wrong for the second game.
  • The Bettman article isn't really news, but it contains a throwaway line that I think is bigger news - Dan Onorato has had several conversations with Sam Fingold about financing for the arena, but seeing as how Fingold has been trying to close the sale of the team, nothing has happened as of yet.
  • Finally, I'd hope that a Penguins signing could at least earn an article written by a local reporter, maybe with a quote or two from Ray Shero, even if James is likely ticketed for Wilkes-Barre. It's disappointing to have your home team covered by a national wire release - I can read that anywhere. I'd rather see local perspective that might not see the light of day elsewhere.
Anyway, enough PG bashing for today. The Trib fares only a little better, due to the fact that they wrote their own two paragraphs about Connor James. They don't have any news about Bettman's visit, however.

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