Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buyer's remorse?

There appear to be issues with the sale of the Penguins to Sam Fingold. There are articles in the Post-Gazette and Tribune Review this morning, detailing what was discussed on local talk shows and newscasts last night.

Evidentally, Mr. Fingold has plenty of money, but there are "fundamental business issues" that are preventing the sale from going through. Perhaps those issues involve the future location of the Penguins?

The Trib gets quotes directly from Fingold:

"There is plenty of cash but (there are) a few other issues I can't talk about yet," Fingold told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in an e-mail.

"All the equity is in place," he later wrote. "There are some business points that need to be worked out."

The Post-Gazette merely indicates that there are business issues, though they also said that the Penguins are seemingly ready to pull out of the deal.

I'm guessing that if the Pens are ready to back out, either they're worried about Fingold's wealth level in terms of making the team viable, or the Pens think he wants to move the team.

Personally, I only care about two things:
  1. The team stays in Pittsburgh
  2. The owner has enough cash flow to keep the team near the cap - they're going to need it in the not too distant future.
One more thing - join the Igloo Dreams fantasy hockey league!! Instructions are here. It's free, and on Yahoo. I'll post about the standings on this very blog! What more could anyone want?


fauxrumors said...

Hopefully the sale takes place to some one who plans to keep the team where it belongs, in Pittsburgh!!
Good luck!
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predguy37 said...

You are doing a great job with the blog. I hope you don't lose your team. I just signed up for fantasy hockey. I am looking forward to the season.

ees said...

alright. i'm going to join the league. but I dought I'll do any good.

ees said...

hey predguy37, i just moved to jackson, TN from pittsburgh. I been checking up on the predator every so often. think they'll be any good this year? the pen are still #1 with me.