Saturday, August 12, 2006

Evgeni Malkin... AWOL?

This is not really the most reputable source... but according to a Russian news source, via, Evgeni Malkin has disappeared from the Metallurg training camp in Finland. He left with his belongings and travel documents.

This could get really intersting in a hurry if it's true. The only real reason I can think of for leaving is to come to North America and play for the Pens. Of course, Metallurg will do everything they can to prevent that from happening, but all Evgeni has to do is tender his two week notice again and stay here in Pittsburgh.

Time to hurry up and wait!

UPDATE - Malkin would seem to be headed for Canada, and then to the US to meet with the Penguins, if the Russian news article is to be believed. Check out the thread at for more info.

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