Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anyone like fantasy hockey?

I started a free league this year on Yahoo. Anyone that wants to can join.

Go to and sign up for a hockey team.

Join a custom league - the league ID 16001
The password is letsgopens

It should be fun - sign up if you're interested!


Tim said...

I'm in.

16001 - ol' Butler zip code, huh? I'm a former Butlerite myself living in Happy Valley...just thought that was interesting... let's go Pens! :)

Pat said...

Tim - Nice to have you.

Who's going to sign up next?

Tim said...


I will try recruiting some more people - I'll plug the league (as well as your blog) on Myspace with all the information.

This should be an interesting NHL season regardless, I'm looking forward to it!