Thursday, August 17, 2006

Evgeni Malkin in Los Angeles

According to an article on, Evgeni Malkin is in Los Angeles, working out at the LA Kings practice facility with NHL players. He has been in Helsinki, Finland since Saturday. He boarded a plane to the US yesterday (Wednesday).

A few interesting facts are in the article:
  • The reason they picked now to come to America is that it is the first time that Malkin has been able to control his own passport. It was controlled by Manitogorsk until now.
  • Once he had his passport, Malkin went into hiding in Finland until his US visa could be processed.
  • Within two hours of the visa being processed via the US Embassy in Finland, he was on a plane to the US.
  • He's been with J.P. Barry since Saturday when he obtained his passport.

They claim they're evaluating his next steps with a team of lawyers, but I think we all know the next step - September 7th. That's the day that rookies report to training camp for the Penguins!

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