Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Media update

Now for some slightly less bizarre news - here are a few bits about the local media that cover the Pens:
  1. The Pens games on the radio this year will be on 105.9, instead of 94.5. This is a good move, as 94.5 is an oldies station, while the X (105.9) will reach a younger audience.
  2. The Trib is still kicking butt over the Post-Gazette lately. This can only be good for hockey coverage in Pittsburgh, as the Post-Gazette seems more intersted in the Cleveland Cavaliers than they are in the Pens sometimes.
  3. All 82 games will be televised this season, along with two preseason games. 71 will be on FSN, 7 on OLN and 4 on NBC. More good news!

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