Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Red Wings 3, Penguins 1

Easy summary for this one - the Pens were dominated. They were outshot 32-8 in the first two periods, and didn't score their goal until 30 seconds were left in the game.

Just as a quick aside, if I score with 30 seconds left and I'm now down by two, I might think about pulling the goalie for the faceoff to see if I can win it and get the puck into the offensive zone. You never know what can happen, and hey, it can't make anything worse.

Anyway, the only reason the Pens were even remotely in the game was Marc-Andre Fleury. I'm not sure how he wasn't the third star (especially since Osgood only made 16 saves), but he was incredible. Slowly but surely, the Pens are learning to stay in games, and most of the credit goes to the goaltender.

This obviously doesn't bode well for when the Pens go against the better teams in the East. They haven't played Ottawa yet (just as a quick aside - Ottawa destroyed the Avalanche last night, 6-2), and I'm not looking forward to seeing that one right now.

Tonight in St Louis to face the Blues. Preview up in a few hours.


Trent said...

Two predictions: I don't believe Edzo will coach another home game.

And if Emerick was correct in saying that 10 teams had scouts at the game, i think the only possibly on-the-block player that would warrant that kind of attention is Gonchar. That could be a fantastic trade. Get rid of a mostly disinterested, often times lazy, salary drag and bring in some offensive power. A lot of teams would be interested in Gonchar and we very easily could get a Recchi/Palffy quality player in exchange, and the team sorely needs it.

He's not adding anything to the D or the O. Whitney, Dicky and Orpik can stabilize the backend and bring more than enough offensive power to the table for a middling team like the Pens, especially if Fleury stays in Pittsburgh. What the team needs is some talent up front, preferably down the middle. Solid, fast, dependable player(s) who can raise the play of the rest of the team.

Other than an end-to-end rush game winning goal, Gonchar has been invisible this entire season. Get rid of him, get Leclair, Palffy and Lemieux healthy, and add one or two Recchi quality players and this is a whole new team.

This is Patrick's mission and, i think, the only way to salvage the season.

Oh, and get Therrian up here. Sorry Eddie.

Will said...

I don't think Edzo is going anywhere. The team has been playing good the past few weeks. I know they have a horrible record but they're not going to get rid of a coach right as the team is starting to play better, imo. I do think that getting rid of Gonchar would be a good idea. There was a point last night when he had the puck behind his own net and looked like he was about to fall asleep while on the ice. Part of the reason the Pens are playing better is cause of energy players like Talbot and the like (Anyone see Surovy flying around the ice last night, but he did make some D mistakes)have high energy games, Gonchar has not shown that at all. With the D playing better everyday (except Olelein who takes the worst penalties sometimes) getting rid of him for a strong center and a speedy winger could be really good.

Personally I do hope that Edzo sticks around. He's got the right attitude and has paid his dues coaching the worst team in the league for the last 2 years, he deserve the chance to be the coach if/when this team turns it around. Now if the Pens don't make the Playoffs this year, he's gone like boy band groups.

Trent said...

Played well lately? Last night was the Pen's worst game of the season. It was embarrassing. I know that Detroit is a powerhouse, but it looked like players didn't even want the puck. At one point all five of the Pens were standing looking at each other, unsure of who was going to take the puck.

Shots were 17 to 3 in the first? You think the game was ok because Fluery stood on his head but they were terrible.

No, it's time to make changes. Get offensive value for Gonchar and bring up a coach who knows how to win! 2 months undefeated! That's someone who's seriously motivated to move from the bus to the charter plane. He's earned it.

Only THEN can the season be salvaged. As of right now, we're shooting for Kessell. Which might actually be worth it, unless he's drafted by the Portland Penguins.

Personally, if they have to move, i'd prefer the Las Vegas Penguins. They could even change the name and I'd remain a dedicated fan.

And this is something else to consider: This atrocious start is hardly making a case for the city, county and state to invest in a new arena. The Penguins are on life support in every way and Mario needs to make the hard decision. Everyone's devotion to the great person that Edzo is does not outweigh the very existence of hockey in Pittsburgh.

Even he would admit that.