Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lemieux not playing in Olympics

Mario Lemieux has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Canadien Olympic team.

If you look at the transcript, he also talks about his heart ailment. He says that was part of the fatigue that he was experiencing so far this year, and part of the reason he didn't have any jump in his step.

If the medication helps him with that, then it can only bode well for the Pens.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Toronto and all I can say is we'll miss him, he's such a classy guy and just to have him on the team and be in that dressing room would be worth everything.But he has won a gold medal in the past and lead Canada to many international titles from his junior years on...your lucky to have a guy of his class being in charge of the Penguins hopefully you get the new arena, and slots as the Igloo has to go....