Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flames 3, Penguins 2

Just finished watching the game. The Pens played pretty well. Their offense really let them down - they were anemic on the power play.

The first goal by Calgary was total horsecrap. When you watched the video replay, it clearly wasn't a goal. I have no idea how those lovely Canadian folks in Toronto approved that goal so quickly when they looked at it.

The third goal was a bad line change and lack of hustle by the Pens. Both guys driving the net for the Flames were behind the Pens defense (in fact, there was only one defensemen back - I have no idea where the other one was).

Other than that, the Pens really played well overall. Since Calgary was finishing their check and hitting everything that moved, the Pens seemed to think it would be a good idea to do the same. The result was the most physical game the Pens have played all year.

Fleury played really well again, in my opinion. He made all the saves he was supposed to make and several he had no business making, including a breakaway by Iginla.

The offense aside, this team is starting to play well on a consistent basis. If they can continue to shore up the defense and goalie situations, the offense will come around.

Edit - Before I forget - the latest sign the apocalypse is upon us? Ryan VandenBussche not only scores a goal but is out on the POWER PLAY!! Good for him.


Trent said...

Yea, in person, on tv, the Pens look like the same crappy team. I'm ready for another call-up from Wilkes Barre and his name is Therrien. At some point the dismal PP has to be attributed to Edzo.

But there's one thing that sucks more than the Pens, and it's the officiating. This is two games in a row where they botched a call on a friggin goal! The first goal in the Ranger game happened when Fleury's stick was held and today's first goal never crossed the line.

And can they please tell me the line between an interference and permissible contact with a player without the puck? Is it me or does the line fall on the crest of the Penguin's logo? Opposing D are constantly allowed to stand up to the Pens long after the puck is dumped, impeding forward progress. Just call it the same fucking way, damnit.

The icing with 8 minutes to go was CLEARLY a missed pass. The puck was inches from a Pens blade on the red line.

And how exactly does a player get 6 minutes?

Fleury rocks, though, doesn't he? Like a little moving wall in goal. He's so flat and upright, like he was plucked from a table hockey game.

Pronovost said...

Fleury is the only reason the score wasn't 8-2. Well, Fleury and Iginla.

Enough with the moral victories.

Trent, I think the refs missed calls both ways but I do recall a would-be interference against Calgary shortly after the last Jackman penalty. When it happens within a minute or two of a Penguin being sent to the box, it's frustrating.

Speaking of which.... Damn, guys. I'm in this for the long haul and have followed the team for more years than I care to admit, but this isn't fun. My kingdom for a winning streak.