Saturday, December 03, 2005

Caron rides the Waiver-go-round...

Sebastien Caron was placed on waivers yesterday, December 2nd. He wasn't claimed and will remain with the club for the time being.

I'm not sure if they did this to play equal time for Thibault, or if they're just trying to set all of their options, but when no one in the NHL wants the two goalies that were at the top of your depth chart until recently.... it's not a good sign.

Having said that, my understand is that if either one is sent down, they'll also have to clear waivers on the way back up to the big club if the Pens call them up. If I'm another team, I may wait to see if they get their play straightened out first.

I am kind of surprised no one took a look at Caron - he's much more cost effective than Thibault and has played well at times this year.

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Trent said...

Interesting development. Being a young goalie with a lot of upside, I'm surprised that Caron cleared waivers. But hey, let's be happy for small favors.

I think they did this to get Caron as much playing time as possible. He IS a good goalie. Thibault can ride the pine behind Fleury and hopefully fill his role as the wise, old veteran. When he was signed, I think i remember reading that he was considered an ideal fit for working with a young goaltender.

As far as i understand, you only clear waivers on the way down. In fact, once you clear waivers, you don't have to clear them again for a certain amount of time. But that was under the old contract. For example, it used to be a 3 day window to be claimed, now it's one.

Bad news about Palffy and Leclair. Someone needs to step up. Recchi is due. To be frank, everyone is due.

Congrats to Whitney, Christensen, Talbot and Murley for moving out of the hotel. Four great young players who come to play every night. Wish it was contagious.