Thursday, December 29, 2005

Penguins 6, Devils 2

So it's a start. The Pens jumped out to a 2-0 lead at the end of the first. They had a 4-1 lead after two, and you can see the final score as the title of this post. The Devils threw everything they had at the Penguins. They had 22 shots in the second period alone. Fleury was up to the task, making big save after big save. Crosby and Surovy both scored twice, and Palffy had three assists.

Here are a few notes from the game, just to put things in perspective (I think this is a pretty big accomplishment tonight, and will get things rolling in the right direction)
  • This is the second-most shots the team has faced all year, which is saying a lot considering how porous their defense has been this year. I view that as more of a function of how the game was progressing than anything else, though.
  • It's the most goals the Pens have scored in a game since October (in their 7-5 win over Atlanta).
  • They stopped Gionta, and that wasn't due to a lack of effort on Gionta's part.
  • It's only the second time this year that multiple players have scored more than one goal in a game.
All in all, it was a great game. Now the team needs to develop some consistency. They need another win on Saturday afternoon against the Rangers. They also need to be able to keep the shots down when they get a lead, no matter how large. Fleury won't always be able to stop 44 of 46 shots, and they shouldn't need him to.

It's a good start.


Jim said...

Since I criticized the Penguins defensemen for their play on the power play against the Flyers and the Leafs, it was nice to see their performace tonight against the Devils. Early in the first, Gonchar created scoring opportunities with his good low shooting from the point, and of course Jackman tallied a power play goal. (Amazing what can happen when you hit the net...) Tarnstrom also got on the board on the power play with a nice shot the may have been tipped by Sid. Anyway, to give credit where credit is due, I thought their play in the offense on the power play was the driving force of their early lead.

So, I'm lamenting a bit less the fact that the Pens don't have one of the multi-talented wingers a la Kovalev, Straka, or Scott Young who can drop back to the point on the power play to boost the offensive creativity from the backside. Let's see if they can keep it up.

Go Pens!

Pronovost said...

At this point, any win is a good win. Even one against a backup goalie ... and a team that played the night before ... during which Our Pens gave up way too many shots and once again took too many penalties.

I'll take it. Any way we can get it.

BTW, can't say I missed Ryan Malone or Lyle.

Will said...

I think it was good to see them play fair and still get a win going away. I can't say I was not nervous when N.J. scored that first goal in the 2nd, but the Pens kept their offense going and got the win. Their D was better at times but way too many penalties, but I'm sure Therrien will work on that today at practice. This is a good win, but they really need to beat the Rangers on Sat. That will give them 2 wins in a row for the first time in forever, and let them know they can beat quality teams. (I know, I hate to call the Rangers a quality team but when they are on they look good...stupid Jagr)