Monday, December 05, 2005

Misc Pens news...

No game until Thursday this week, so let's look at some various news items:

In this edition of the Pens notebook, as published by the Post-Gazette, Dave Molinari makes some rather obvious statements about Fleury's bonuses (ie, they tried to clear space with letting other teams take Caron or Thibault). That wasn't interesting... but he also talked about a few other things -

1 - Russian authorities want Evgeni Malkin to play in just about everything. He's contending for a scoring title in the Russian Super League (13 G, 18 A in 30 games). He'll certainly play in the olympics. He'll make a great addition here, hopefully next year.

2 - I found out something I didn't know about Michel Ouellet - last year for Wilkes-Barre, he scored 30 goals before the all star break... and was didn't score another one for TWENTY-SEVEN straight games. His 31st goal game in the second-to-last game of the season. The Pens feel he can be a complete player who can score well. We didn't really see any of that during his three games here, but hopefully he can get some more time with the big club.

On a side note, did anyone besides me notice the speed that Matt Hussey has? He was FLYING up and down the ice at times on Saturday night. If he can have better hands than Koltsov or Fata, he'll be a keeper. This game is all about speed.

More posts later.

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Trent said...

Agreed on Hussey. His end to end rush in the Rangers game was breathtaking. I thought it was Crosby.

But it all comes down to night after night consistency. He could end up another Beech or Sivek.

I was about to slag off Surovy, and then i look at his stats and he's over a point per game, 15 goals in 23 games, half on the PP. It looks like he IS the powerplay. We could use a sniper.

And Ouellet had some fierce numbers down there but i've never noticed him do anything with the Pens. He's invisible to me. It would be nice if he stepped up like Christensen has.

I still say it's time to bring Therrien up. That team isn't winning so many games on talent alone. I love Edzo but if he doesn't turn around the PP during this break, he's dead to me. They should spend the week doing two a days on the power play because it's looks lousy.

I give Edzo til mid-January.