Tuesday, December 06, 2005

News of the Day - Tuesday, December 6th

Looking at the Post-Gazette and Trib, there's not much going on. Here's a summary:

- Palffy and Leclair are looking to be good to go on Thursday. This means that they'll either bump two forwards or a forward and a defensemen to the healthy scratch list. I'm thinking that the likely scratch candidates are Melichar and Pirjeta.

- On the subject of Pirjeta, I'm not sure why he's not playing more. He certainly has a wicked shot that we've seen several times this year. I think he and Christensen have two of the better shots on the team. He's also big and not totally slow. For some reason, Edzo doesn't seem to play him. If I had to guess, I'd say it's defensive shortcomings, but he is a +2 on the season...

- Okczyk also said he wasn't sure if Fleury would start on Thursday. The Pens have four games in six nights coming up, and if Fleury doesn't play in three of those (barring total collapse), something's wrong. My opinion - put Fleury in there until he shows that he can't do it, or needs a break due to fatigue.

Other than that, it's a lot of blah blah blah nothing. Take a read for yourself if you'd like to see the rest of it... Post-Gazette notebook, Trib Notebook

Who on this team is going to play in the Olympics? The Canadiens would be dumb not to use Crosby. Probably Palffy will play too (for the Czechs). Anyone else? Malone or Orpik for the Americans?

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Will said...

FYI: Mario will be out of tomorrows game due to an irregular heart beat he experienced after todays practice. He was admitted to the hospital and will be there for the night.