Friday, December 09, 2005

Not much going on...

Not much news about the Pens today.

Lemieux's accelereated heartbeat was the reason for missing the Tampa game (they had said it was the stomach flu). He's had it a few times since midsummer. I can speak from experience in saying that the accelerated heartbeat thing, if he has the type that I'm familiar with, is not life-threatening. It's really more of a nuisance, and can be fixed with medication and / or surgery.

Nobody seems really upset by the recent losing streak, just disenchanted. I'm not sure where to go with it myself. I still believe that the Pens will get better, and will make the playoffs. I think all they really need are a few bounces to go their way offensively and they'll be on a roll. Unfortunately, I've felt that way for about two months now... and it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully, when we're shivering through late January and February, this will all seem like a bad memory.

I continue to think that Fleury should be in net. I hope he plays tomorrow. If the team plays a better game (or, better yet, somehow finds a way to beat Colorado) tomorrow night, Fleury should then play every game - forget trying to get Thibault on track for now - just ride the hot hand for as long as you can.

Oh yeah, and Christensen should be playing more (another one of my favorite drums to beat lately).

If I were Edzo, I'd seriously consider giving serious ice time to Talbot, Murley and Hussey. They're not going to score a ton of goals, but they'll hustle, hit, and forecheck. That needs to be the model for the Pens until they can get the offense in gear.

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