Monday, November 30, 2009

Penguins 5, Rangers 2

So what happened?
The score should have read "Penguins 5, Gaborik 2". There wasn't as much nonsense as you thought, but Mike Rupp referred directly to that in his interview after the game, saying that Avery laid low tonight. Could Sean Avery be scared of the big boys? Anyway, the game itself was somewhat similar to Saturday in that it was close until the third when the Pens pulled away.

Who scored?
Crosby (16,17), Rupp (6,7,8)

Any surprises?
Four words - Mike Rupp hat trick. Watching Sid give up the puck to Rupp with the empty net yawning was a nice sight (even though they were still in the defensive zone). Both players were going for the hat trick.

Any change in the standings?
No change - both San Jose and Washington won.
Division: 1st (3 points ahead of New Jersey)
Conference: 1st (tied with Washington)
League: 2nd (2 points behind San Jose)

Who's next?
Colorado comes to the Igloo to kick off a home stand on Thursday.

  • Valiquette Lundqvist seemed to fall apart in the third, didn't he?
  • Sid quietly scored another two goals. He's really coming on strong again.
  • Gaborik is pretty special, but he seems to get distracted when someone pops him, whereas Sid gets better when teams get physical with him.

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will said...

What in the world was Brashear doing all night? I saw several times where Godard tried to engage him in a fight and he just skated away. Then hit just starts punching TK and draws a penalty. What a clown. Only thing better than watching him puss out was watching Avery get banged around all night. Watching him look up at the refs for a call was just comical. Even Errey was cracking up at him.