Thursday, November 12, 2009

Devils 4, Penguins 1

So what happened?
A few posts and cross bars. A few turnovers. A few blown chances on the power play. All that led to another loss for the Penguins.

Who scored?
Fedotenko (4)

Any surprises?
Early in the third, with the Pens on the power play, Fedotenko was going back into his own zone to play the puck. Parise knocked him down from behind, 10 feet away from the puck. No call.

Any change in the standings?
Remains to be seen at the conclusion of tonight's games. At the very least, the Pens move to second place in the division.

Who's next?
More happy times at the Igloo on Saturday against the Bruins. Maybe if they move the line for icing to the defensive blue line it would kill the trap (meaning, all you have to do is get the puck out of your own zone and you can dump it).

  • I could have been reading a book instead of watching this game (or, heck, scraping nails on a chalkboard). Blech.

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