Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Penguins 4, Ducks 3

So what happened?
A back-and-forth game where nether team ever held more than a one goal lead. It also featured a parade to the penalty box during the first period by the Ducks. Fleury made several great saves and Sid stacked the pads to make another huge save when Fleury was out of position. Team play was the story of the night - everyone chipped in.

Who scored?
Rupp(4), Letang (1), Goligoski (6), Dupuis (3)

Any surprises?
Only that FSN was as amazed by a third period save on Lupul as everyone else was - they updated the score by accident! Check it out:
Fleury has just made the save on Lupul.

FSN changed the score to 4-4!! They changed it back pretty quickly, but still - pretty funny!

Any change in the standings?
Nope - first in the NHL with 24 points.

Who's next?
The West Coast swing continues at LA on Thursday.

  • Doesn't it seem weird for Koivu to be a Duck?
  • That didn't seem like it should be Letang's first goal...
  • Goligoski has 6 already... I know he has been scoring, but see my previous comment about Letang.
  • Ryan Whitney with almost 29 minutes of ice time, leading everyone by far. Nice to see Ryan as a top defensemen in the league.

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