Monday, November 23, 2009

Penguins 3, Panthers 2

So what happened?
The Pens floundered through two periods, entering the third down 2-0. They finally managed to break through by sheer perseverance in the third. They tied the score after holding the puck in the offensive zone for what seemed like forever (it was probably about 2 minutes straight), resulting in a great feed from Malkin to Rupp right in front. After a penalty to Horton in OT, the Pens put the Panthers out of their misery when Sid banged home a rebound. It was a great, gutsy win.

Who scored?
Dupuis (6), Rupp (5), Crosby (11)

Any surprises?
My biggest surprise was feeling that it was inevitable that the Pens would score on the power play in OT. Given how their power play has performed lately, I can't say why that feeling was there.

Any change in the standings?
Yep - Washington lost in OT, so:
Division: 1st (three points ahead of New Jersey)
Conference: 1st (tied with Washington)
League: 2nd (tied with Chicago and Washington)

Who's next?
Those silly Frenchmen are back to the Igloo on Wednesday. The Habs come to town too.

  • Lovejoy continues to impress with his skating.
  • Did Chris Borque play tonight? I checked the minutes - he played just over 9 of them - I can't remember seeing him on the ice.
  • Vokoun is playing really well right now.

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