Thursday, February 02, 2006

Senators 7, Penguins 2

Tonight the Pens came out and played a great game early on. They didn't have Sidney Crosby, who was out with the flu (he had it last night too in New York). They took a 1-0 lead in the first on a nice goal by Michel Ouellet. They then extended the lead to 2-0 on a power play goal by Ryan Malone. Through 30 minutes, the Pens had held the Sens to just 10 shots and held a 2-0 lead. They were playing well and containing the high powered offense. Then Ryan Malone had a great individual effort and drew a penalty on Schubert, putting the Pens back on the power play with the chance ---!!!! INTERRUPT----

Sorry, but we now interrupt this blog entry for tonight's edition of:

How to Lose a Game in One Minute and Seven Seconds

As performed by:

The Pittsburgh Penguin's Power Play Unit

The method is simple (and I apologize for the shouting in advance). When your team psyche is fragile, you have a lead on one of the best teams in the league, and you're on the power play (thus putting your best players on the ice), just ALLOW TWO SHORT-HANDED GOALS ON THE SAME POWER PLAY.

---!!!! END INTERRUPT----

Ahem. Sorry about that.

Once the Sens tied the game, you knew it was probably over. After they scored on the power play late in the period, you knew it was definately over. The third period was highlighted by two more power play goals allowed, and another shortie allowed.

Allowing three short-handed goals in the same game is unforgivable. Allowing two of them on the same power play is even worse. Bob Errey mentioned that he was playing the last time the Pens allowed three shorties, and that he was on the ice for an hour skating the next morning. I hope Therrien is able to do something to get the team's attention, because it certainly seems that many of them don't care.

On the plus side, we did get to see how nicely colored the seats are in the Igloo, since there weren't many people in them during the third period. Great job by the arena staff.

On a slightly more serious note, the team also may have found their middleweight fighter - Guillaume Lefebvre. He took on Wade Redden and pretty much kicked the stuffing out of him. Redden isn't known as a fighter, but neither are most of the Penguins, so I'll take the positives where I can get them!

On Saturday the Islanders come to town for a matchup that NBC must be thrilled to be carrying.


Will said...

I don't know what to say about this game. I know it sucked and the Pens got destroyed but they did play good hockey for the first 30+ min... then the PP happened. The Pens are the only team this year, or any team in the history of the world, that is actually worst off when they are on the PP. I know they have an avg. PP, 14th in the NHL or something like that, but they have no concept of defense when they're on it. They pass the puck back and forth on the blue line so much that eventually they're going to lose it. To give up 2 shorties on one PP and 3 in a game is beyond words. I thought Therrien was going to choke someone after the second on the same PP. At that point, I agree with you Pat, you knew that the game was over. Sure it was tied but you knew what was coming.

Some bright spots:
Like Pat mentioned Gil Lefebvre finally won a real fight for the Pens. I can't remember anyone doing that this year. Also, gotta love Mark Recchi. That dude went toe-2-toe with Chara and held his own. They did not drop the gloves or anything but a few punches were thrown and Recchi actully landed one or 2. Of course he gives up like a foot to Chara so that was cool to see.

So anyone think that Recchi, LeClair, Gonchar are going to be moved here soon? I know there's a lock during the Olympics but when is the final trade deadline?

ees said...

well, nothing happened we didn't expect... we lost. They gave us a glimmer of hope, just to have the door slammed shut.
Remember way back when, when we went into overtime almost every game? I think it was the first OT we actually won & Gonchar took the puck end to end, got around everyone on the opposing team & scored? What happened to that Gonchar????
Anyways, I think Leclair is as good as gone. I think Recchi would like to stay here. Gonchar, he cost to much for anyone to take. But i do hope we get rid of some of you defensemen. We have way to many, and I'm not to impressed with the new guys. The trade deadline is in March sometime, i think.