Saturday, February 04, 2006

Response from Dave Molinari of the Post-Gazette

So, I asked Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette a question via his Q&A. I mentioned this earlier today, but I'll reprint my question here, just so you can judge the question and the response that I received from Mr Molinari.
Why didn't the Post-Gazette have an article about the rally outside of the arena, organized by local groups, before the national telecast against the Islanders on Saturday? Was it more important to hear about Gonchar trying to overcome the boo-birds? Considering that has a petition with over 30,000 signatures supporting the drive for a new arena, don't you think it might have been worth mentioning in advance?
I received a quick response from Dave - here it is:
Perhaps you should read the newspaper and our website before firing off an e-mail like the one you sent to me. Below are copies of an item that appeared in our newspaper on Tuesday and a reference to the rally in Friday's Q&A. I assume you also failed to notice that it wasn't my name on any of our Penguins coverage in the Saturday paper.
So, I'm kind of shocked at the response from Dave. I wasn't attacking him personally in my question, so attacking me was kind of unexpected. Do you think that a mention in the paper on Tuesday (four days before the rally) was good enough? Would mentioning the Steelers pep rally at the county courthouse once four days before the event have been good enough? I'll be responding to Mr Molinari shortly. It will very interesting to see what his response is.

By the way - the Q&A item he refers to is the one I linked to the in the previous post. The Tuesday item he refers to didn't appear when I did a search on the terms Penguins and rally on the Post-Gazette web site. I'll repost the Tuesday item here:
A slots license rally

Several groups that back the Penguins/Isle of Capri bid for a slots license plan to demonstrate their support with a rally outside Gate 3 at Mellon Arena Saturday at noon, two hours before the Penguins face the New York Islanders.

In addition to fans who support the Penguins' bid -- which would lead to Isle of Capri getting the license, in return for putting up $290 million for an up-to-date arena -- several elected officials who previously expressed support for the team's plan are expected to attend.
I still say that it's weak to write a little two paragraph blurb about the rally four days before the event, and then not mention it again, other than as part of an answer to a Q&A, but I'm repeating myself now.

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