Thursday, February 02, 2006

Game #54 - vs Senators

Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins

Ottawa - 32-12-4 - 72 pts - 2nd in East
Pittsburgh - 12-31-10 - 34 pts - Last in East

Can you hear the call? Imagine you're living in Kansas... and you're out in the fields before dinner, playing with your friends. You know that if your mom opens the door, she's going to yell "Boys! Dinner! C'mon!". You also know that if your Dad opens the door, the chances are decent that he'll be yelling "Boy! Come and get your whuppin'!" (Dad usually doesn't seek out the boy unless there's a problem).

Well, the Senators have opened the door to yell, but it's Dad that's doing the talking.

Ottawa leads the NHL in two important categories - goals scored and goals allowed. They've scored the most and allowed the fewest. They're also best in the East on the PK and second best in the East on the PP. They have struggled a little bit lately, having lost two games in a row on the road, but I'm thinking that will just make them angry. You know what happens when Bruce Banner gets angry, right?

Anyway, the Sens did just play last night, and Hasek is an old man, so with any luck we'll see his backup, Ray Emery. Emery is slightly more human in his stats than the Dominator, though given the Pens ability to make any goalie look like Patrick Roy... I'm not counting on anything.

It will take a great effort, along with putting some pucks in the net, to get any points out of the Senators tonight. Let's cross the fingers... but don't hold your breath - I'd hate to see anyone have to visit the hospital.

Let's go Pens!

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