Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette bias against Penguins?

Is the Post-Gazette biased against the Penguins? Consider this:

There are two local groups, the PA Interscholastic Hockey League and the web site, that are organizing a rally outside of Gate 3 before the Penguins nationally televised game with the Islanders today. They'll have local politicians speaking about the Isle of Capri and the future of the Penguins. Sounds like a good thing to maybe publicize, right? Especially considering that these websites have an online petition that has over 32,000 signatures (make sure you go to SlotsForMario and sign the petition if you haven't already)!

There is no article about the rally on the Post-Gazette, though they clearly know about it. Dave Molinari talks about it briefly in his Q&A from yesterday. Why not mention it as part of the game day preview? The lead Penguins article today is about Gonchar trying to play through the booing.

You can't seriously tell me that leaving out a mention or article about the rally in today's paper was anything but intentional, and that's a shame. When the people that are supposed to be reporting the news are deciding what we get to hear about because it suits their agenda then something is really wrong. (and yes, I am well aware that it happens all the time on a national level... but it really shouldn't be happening here with a sports team)

I think the next thing I'll be doing is going through the letters to the editor to see how many positive Penguins letters were published versus negative letters... I recall Mark Madden saying that he had copies of letters that were supportive of the Pens being sent to the Post-Gazette, and that the paper simply wasn't publishing them.

EDIT - Just for documentation's sake, I sent the following to Dave Molinari via his Q&A request form... we'll see if he chooses to answer it -
Why didn't the Post-Gazette have an article about the rally outside of the arena, organized by local groups, before the national telecast against the Islanders on Saturday? Was it more important to hear about Gonchar trying to overcome the boo-birds? Considering that has a petition with over 30,000 signatures supporting the drive for a new arena, don't you think it might have been worth mentioning in advance?

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JDH said...

I see you don't even care about the money involved here, only the unpopular sport. You say Pittsburgh, a city with huge prices and even poorer people, is in need of keeping a team in an un-watched sport and building a multi-million dollar arena in a city with 3 multi-million dollar sporting facilities already in it? Ha, what a joke. Guess that guy over there doesn't need a sandwich, or those kids some education. You know what we do need more of though? Hockey and over-priced memorabilia. Yay for apathy.