Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islanders 5, Penguins 4 (OT - SO 2-0)

Satan has done it again against the Penguins. This time, he had a hat trick and a goal in the shootout. Rick DiPietro also played well, stopping 41 of 45 shots. Yes, you read that right - the Pens generated 45 shots.

Overall, the Pens played well enough to win. They were bitten by poor penalty killing and a goalie, who by his own admission, didn't have his best game. Hopefully the effort level stays where it is, because the team will get better and will start to win if this becomes consistent.

One interesting thing from the game yesterday is that Therrien really shortened his bench. This is the first time I've seen him do this. Boguniecki, Rita, Lefebvre and Endicott all played limited minutes. Jackman and Orpik played relatively limited minutes as well. Part of it was probably the amount of power play time the Pens had. All four of their goals were on the PP. That hasn't happened for a long time... (scoring four on the power play).

Next up is Ottawa on the road on Monday.


ees said...

I hate OT. & I hate shootouts even more... to nerve racking.
One thing i notice about Fleury, he is used his poke-check alittle too much. He is usually pretty good at it, but I just think he used alittle too much. OK, he used in way too much, like in the shootout, for instance. I think he learned his lesson though.
Gonchar played well. I saw saw him dive to keep the puck in the zone during one of the power plays. I was shocked.

Will said...

I agree about Gonchar, he did seem to be playing with a little extra jump in the game. And did my ears decive me or did the boo birds actually start cheering for him later on in the game?

Shoot out's are hard when you lose them, but I think getting a point is good. (WOW, who would of though in early october I would be happy about getting a point in early Fedurary.)

Let's get some payback againset Ott. tonight!