Saturday, February 11, 2006

Penguins 6, Capitals 3

The Pens were able to accomplish several things tonight that they either hadn't done this season, or hadn't done for quite a while. Among them are:
  • Win back to back games on the road
  • Win the second half of a set of two games in two nights
  • Keep a team from scoring on the power play for the first time in forever (okay, it was 19 games, but it felt like forever)
  • Have six different players score goals. The last time this happened? Last time out against the Caps!
So, the goal is to arrange the schedule for the Pens so they play the Caps 82 times. The way they're going, they'll win the Presidents Cup in a walk.

Overall, tonight we got to see some very good things against the Caps. Of course, that's not unusual against a team like the Caps. The encouraging thing is that the last two nights we've seen the Pens team we thought we'd get all year. They are working hard, getting good goaltending and netting some timely goals. Tonight, their power play worked really well. They didn't get the best start, but overall showed no ill effects from playing on the second night of a back to back.

Next up are the Olympic. I'll probably do a brief post about that, and maybe cover some of the Pens as they play, but mostly I'll be posting the rest of the midseason reviews that I have written. It'll be some good content for the 2+ weeks away from the NHL. If you get a chance, however, make an effort to watch the Olympic hockey. There's nothing else like it in the world, and it's usually leagues better than the level of play in the NHL. It will be interesting, however, to compare it to the new style of play in the NHL.

Two wins in a row! Let's go Pens!

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ees said...

Another good game all around. Though, they did give up a short handed goal. Good game for Fleury, & Gonchar, especially. I like how the defence is driving to the net recently.
They better take it easy again, no more winning. hahaha. I want that #1 overall draft pick.