Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sean Avery has a lacerated spleen

Avery will miss the remainder of the season. He was taken to the hospital after Game 3. A CT scan revealed the injury.

As much as you might hate Avery, you don't like to see this happen to anyone. Hopefully he recovers completely.


will said...

Glad to know he'll be out. Too bad he had to get seriously hurt like this. Anyone know if this is the same kind of thing that happend to Pete Forsberg back in his Colorado days? I think a hit did it to him. I wonder when Avery go hurt. I did see Orpik level him behind Fleury last game.

The Big K said...

Hate to sound like a Rangers of Flyers fan, but man does that make me happy to here that the pompous piece of crap is injured. How many guys has he tried to injured when they are in a defenseless position?

What goes around comes around.