Friday, April 04, 2008

Playoff Picture... coming into focus

The potential first round matchup for the Pens became much more clear tonight.

The Canes or the Caps will be in the playoffs as the third seed, but not both. The remaining seeds are the Rangers, Devils, Flyers, Senators and Bruins.

Here are the simplified scenarios for the Pens:
  • The easiest one is that if the Pens win on Sunday, they'll be guaranteed a first round matchup with the Flyers and the top seed in the East.
  • If the Pens lose, they'll play either Boston, Ottawa or Philly, depending on how Boston does tomorrow against Buffalo and how the Canadiens do tomorrow against Toronto.

Personally, I'm hoping for the win over the Flyers on Sunday so the Pens can have the chance to bounce them from the playoffs in the first round. That would be just about perfect.


The Big K said...

No worries playing any of them in Round 1. The teams that can play us tough for 7 full series will not come until later.

Anonymous said...

The only worry about playing Philly for the first round to me is the level of physicality. I think there's an above-average chance of a key player getting hurt through a prolonged series with them that we'd rather avoid. Maybe if Hartnell didn't play...

Anonymous said...

Pat can you post a contact you link on your page? i would like ask you pens questions??

Pat said...

@anonymous - there you go - I (finally) put up a contact link.