Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Game #81 - vs Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers (40-28-11, 91 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (46-26-8, 100 pts)

What are the Flyers, really? Turkeys. All turkeys.

The Pens have the top spot in the Eastern Conference in their grasp. All they have to do is win two games against the Flyers and it belongs to them. Alternatively, they can finish tied with the Habs and also keep it.

The Pens also need one more point to lock up the division. Alternatively, if the Devils fail to gain one of the six possible points available to them, the Pens will win the division.

I'd rather see the team earn both with wins instead of backing into their spot because of the failure of another team.

The Flyers will make that tough. They're fighting just to stay in the playoffs. Washington won tonight. Both the Caps and Hurricanes have 90 points, while the Sabres have 88. The Flyers have 91. Their backs are against the wall in a must win situation.

I was really surprised that Fleury played back to back against the Rangers. I guess Therrien is putting his money on the Flower to be his horse in the playoffs. The Pens could do far worse than the way Fleury has played lately. He looked a little bit shaky at times with the rebound control on Monday, but for the most part he's been solid, if not spectacular.

The only relevant injury news is that Umberger will be able to play for the Flyers. R.J. has killed the Pens this season.

Hall and Roberts will be ready to return soon, but neither is a lock to crack the lineup. You'd have to think Roberts will play in the playoffs if he's ready, but this is a solid bunch of forwards the Pens have right now. Who do you sit? Taffe... I guess.

On the blue line, I don't like sitting Letang, but I don't know who else to sit in his place. Suddenly, the Pens have real depth across their roster. That's a huge plus for the playoffs.

Last game of the year at the Igloo, and it will be rocking. How about a song with a video that includes Ben Eager getting pummeled by Mr. Roberts? I think I could use this before every Flyers game.

Let's Go Pens!

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