Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playoff Game #4 - at Ottawa Senators

Pittsburgh Penguins at Ottawa Senators

Pittsburgh leads series 3-0.

Will the Pens break out the brooms?

Opportunity. That's what the Pens have in front of them.

Nothing would emphasize the dramatic difference between last year and this year than being able to finish off the Sens in Game 4.

The Sens are going to try to play hard, but Brian Murray has decided that now is the time to evaluate talent for next year:
"We've got to look at the players that come to play, work hard and do everything in their power -- to their ability level, and I qualify it that way -- to help this organization be good going forward, so (Wednesday) night is an indicator of that, without a doubt."
Wow. I know some coaches play head games, but if you win you get to keep playing. I'm not sure how the coach / GM can come out and say something like that. What message is that sending the team?

If I'm the Pens, I definitely rest Gary Roberts. That's the only change I'm likely to make, however. Keep everything else the same, including the effort.

This one won't be easy, and the Pens will need to bring it. In the third period on Monday, the Sens showed they would fold. The Pens need to give them an excuse to give up.

Let's Go Pens!


The Big K said...

Sens won't bother to show up. 8-2 Pens.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Night In Pittsburgh

Soul Merchants

Go Pens!

Pat said...

@big k - I sure hope you're right. A few early goals will go a long way towards making that happen