Sunday, April 06, 2008

Flyers 2, Penguins 0

Here are the important facts from this loss to Philly:
  • No one was hurt.
  • Fleury is on top of his game right now.
  • The power play is constipated, and they're vulnerable to the short-handed attack.
  • The series with the Sens will start in Pittsburgh, either Wednesday or Thursday.
Now, the unimportant stuff:
  • This game, while it had some intensity, was actually boring.
  • The Flyers are still scum.
  • The Pens didn't pose a serious threat offensively, allowing Biron to look good in making a few key saves.
I'm not worried about the short-handed chances - those will be corrected for game 1 against the Sens. The more troubling thing is that Philly kept the Pens to the outside on the power play. They were able to use that to jump the point men, which is one of the things that lead to the short-handed chances. The best cure to that that I know of? Get the puck to the net. Also, Sidney Crosby.

The puck possession in the offensive zone was there, and the defensive zone coverage was there. The penalty kill stepped up in a big way, despite Ruutu's best efforts in taking two consecutive penalties (one to end the second and one about 30 seconds after it expired).

So, to summarize: boring game... start the playoffs!

Next up: The Sens in Round 1.


The Big K said...

Pat, how many games will this take to dispose of the Senaturds? I'm thinking 5 myself.

Pat said...

@big k - I sure hope it's only 5. As bad as the Sens have been, I still think the Pens have a big hurdle to clear to beat them...

Will said...

If we can beat them, no matter how many games it takes, it will be a huge confidence builder for the Pens. I can't wait to watch!!!