Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playoff Game #6 - vs New York Rangers

New York Rangers (5) at Pittsburgh Penguins (2)

Pittsburgh leads series 1-0.

Will the Pens learn from their mistakes today?

Will they find a way to get the early power play goal they could have used in Game 1?

Will Fleury bear down and find a way to stop goals like the deflection and Avery's shot?

Will they be able to stay with Jagr for the whole game, and not get beat during a situation that leads to a goal?

The Pens certainly can, and hopefully will, do all of these things.

They could learn a lesson by looking at what happened to Montreal last night. The Habs had to come from behind in dramatic fashion, aided by a late penalty, in Game 1 against the Flyers. Sound familiar? Last night, the Flyers took advantage of the situation presented to them, didn't blow the lead, and took Game 2 in Montreal. Could you see Lundqvist pulling off a Biron-like performance today? Sure... easily.

The Pens need to be wary and treat this game with desperation. The level of success at MSG was non-existent this year, so that makes games at the Igloo all the more crucial.

On the controversy end of things, the Rangers are being smart about things.

Dubinsky talks about going to the net and makes a point to say "we don't want to run the guy over", but rather to go hard and legally. You can almost respect that.

Shanahan talked about how he doesn't think Sid dives, and that everyone in the league has respect for the work ethic he brings.

Sounds like they're trying to woo the Pens to sleep with their soft lullaby...

Don't fall for it!

Let's Go Pens!

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