Friday, April 11, 2008

Playoff Game #2 - vs Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh leads series 1-0.

Brian Murray wasn't happy after Game 1.

How important is the second game of this series? Ask yourself how you would feel about going back to Ottawa with the series tied 1-1. I'd be nervous, given how this team has performed away from the friendly confines of the Igloo.

There are two areas of improvement that are needed for the rest of the series, in my opinion. They are:
  1. Be more disciplined and don't take dumb penalties. Know your limits in what you can / can't get away with.
  2. Get some production from the power play at crunch time.
There are other things that would be nice too. Having the Crosby line produce a goal would be good, but they did exert some good pressure on Wednesday (Hossa had 7 shots) and I think the scoring will come - they're too good for it not to come.

Don't expect any lineup changes for the Pens. I can't see Therrien bringing in Hall, Taffe or Beech at this point. I'd love to have Sydor in there, but I don't know who you can remove. Whitney was a bit shaky early in Game 1, but he's too important offensively for the power play.

The Sens are moving Martin Lapointe onto the first like, replacing Randy Robitaille. Sounds like they're trying to find their own Old Man Magic (Lapointe has played in 105 playoff games).

Tough game tonight. The Pens need the W.

Let's Go Pens!

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